9 March 2017

It rained here so much, I was starting to wonder how many cubits of gopher wood we were going to need in order to ride the rain out….  sheesh!   The sun finally did shine again, and it’s just a miracle that we didn’t have a flood.

2017-03-08 split banana R

The bananas took a hit.   See the splits?    That’s from the bananas getting over-saturated with water.   They popped their seams!

*    *    *

For long time readers of the blog  – you may remember when Austin’s incubators arrived (December 2013):  all beat up in shipment – such a disappointment.  Still, Austin made them work, week after week, month after month (with some help from dear Alex along the way) … and this week the only running one died a final death.   Boo hoo.

So Austin has had to go to BIOLOGIC INCUBATORS. 

2017-03-08 biologic incubator Cr

( That is a setting hen)     They are scattered all over the property.

The biologic capacity does not nearly equal the mechanical capacity, so  – for those of you in our area  – we are now selling eggs again.

*    *    *

Sorry that my most productive bird-watching time is walking on the road, looking down.  This is the third time!

First a kingfisher:  https://ffwrfromfiji.wordpress.com/2014/09/17/18-september-2014/

2014-09-11 kingfisher 1  Cr

Then an owl:  https://ffwrfromfiji.wordpress.com/2014/06/04/5-june-2014/

6-6-14 dead owl  Cr

Now what I think is a honey-eater …

2017-03-04 honeyeater cr

I’m trying to figure out what seeing dead birds on the road means …

*    *    *

Dr. Smarty Pants was not happy with last week’s blog. So…..

CORRECTIONS:    The “goslings” in the pen were really big ducklings.  (coulda fooled me… oh yeah , it did.)    The young crooked neck goose WAS in that pen, and I would have seen it if I’d  just opened he top  (well, I’m not in he habit of opening the top of his cages…)   and  HE told Akka to throw the washer in the trash hole. (Really?? … well, ok then).

*    *    *

A final shot, just something I found moving.   (Another funeral — there so many deaths in a close community.)

2017-03-02 last moments Cr

This time it was an old man whose time had unquestionably come.   During the funeral, is widow sat at the head of his casket in a most serene and informal way  – seeming almost to chat with him at times – in the last moments she still had his dear body in sight.

*    *    *

I hope you all have a happy week.   In spite of my dreary reporting of rain, broken equipment, dead birds and funerals – things really are going well here.  (I’ll look for happier pictures in the coming days.)

*    *    *

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