18 September 2014

2014-09-12 goose egg 3   Cr

The novelty still has not worn off:  Goose Egg!   Austin decided to eat one and had a large chicken egg at the same time.   I asked him what it tasted like, and he said, “Just like duck egg.”   So I know, but you probably don’t.  A duck egg tastes almost like a chicken egg, a very slight hint of gaminess, not unpleasant – and the odd thing is that the yolk stays liquid/creamy long after the white is cooked.

2014-09-11 Akka flowers 4  R


I have been confined to the house  taking care of a fragile relative, and so was more eager than usual to go to town.  Akka came along, and he was mindful that this was my big blog op.   Above you will see flowers that he had me drive 1/2 kilometer away from Valley Road to see.   Each one is like a bride’s bouquet – no leaves!   He said it was even more dramatic 2 weeks earlier when the ground was bare soil.

This will give you an idea of it.

2014-09-11 Akka flowers 2  R

Again, we were rolling down Valley Road and saw a dead something in the road, a bird. I thought I’d seen blue.  We talked about it.   “Go back!  Go back!”  Akka insisted.  “You won’t have another chance.”   He was right, and by then it was like a 2 kilometer backtrack ….. but here we are!

2014-09-11 kingfisher 1  Cr

A very pretty, but dead, kingfisher.   Akka put it in the back of the truck, under some cardboards – thinking he would do something with the feathers.  I forgot all about the bird until I looked at these photos last night….. I wonder whether the bird is still in the truck 5 days later or if Akka disposed of it?

Akka’s final contribution:  he knew I’d been looking for a tree with buttress roots for a different purpose – and on the way home he pointed one out to me, right on our feeder road across the plowed fields.

2014-09-11 rampart tree 2  R

Isn’t that an interesting tree base!   Seems like leprechauns could live there.

2014-09-16 moringa flower 1  R


The moringa (or saijen) tree is in flower.   This is the tree that gave the “drumsticks” I wrote about last October.   I haven’t written much about moringa, but I am learning to like it more and more.

2014-09-16 moringa flower 2  R

Some day when I am free to get around more, I will give you a experience of my favorite moringa leaf dish.

2014-09-16 Po  Cr


I will finish with two of our six pets.   This is Po, bigger now you see.  Still sweet.   I recently saw Kung Fu Panda and understand now why Junia gave her this name.  The star of that movie is named Po and looks like a fat, upright version of this pup.

2014-09-16 Betty on power box  R

And here is Betty, in her favorite spot on top of the power box.   Some locals have a belief that water bottles above the meter keep it from registering power consumption.   In that case Betty has the opposite effect.   For some reason we ran out of our pre-pay power at 2 AM today.  Surprise in the dark!

Austin hooked up the incubator to the water pump meter, and waited until 6:30 to go to the shop up the valley to buy a recharge.  It turns out the proprietor was up all night waiting for election results from Fiji’s first elections in 8 or so years.   Results still not in.


4 thoughts on “18 September 2014

  1. Hi Karolyn – you commented on the moringa when I did the “drumsticks” last year. I guess that is what the flowers will produce. What is yummy on the moninga tree is not the drumsticks – it;s the LEAVES. I’ll show you in a blog when I have time to cook them. They are a bit time consuming but really great.

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