Cast of Characters

My policy is not to use the names of friends, guests, wanderers, public persons, etc. in these posts.   If people want to raise their hands to say “I was here” – they can leave comments, with or without photos.   All are welcome.

However, there are a few folks who are major players at our farm.  Their names show up, and I want you to know who they are.


10-17-13 Austin stock

AUSTIN – my sweet husband for the last 100 years or so.  Dr. Smarty Pants.

AKKA – number one son.  Was here, left, has returned.

KIKI (nickname for Keith) – our adorable grandson. Akka and Monica’s first child.


JUNIA – (Eminoni Raivoka Jr.)  Dear family friend who spent 10 years working in the Baha’i gardens in Israel (“serving, not working” he reminds me).   Now he is at the farm “serving” as our farm manager.

Nicole face Cr

NICOLE – (Mrs. Raivoka now!)  Came as a permaculture intern, and got caught!

KEANU – He is Junia Jr. Nicole and Junia’s number one (and so far – Only) son.

VINA – our original kitchen angel !

2018-08-10 Ashmita the kitchen angel Cr

ASHMITA – our second kitchen angel !

ERONI – Newest addition to the farm. He was also working in the Baha’i gardens in Israel, and after his service he asked if he could work here. Lucky us!

*     *     *

In Memoriam

Monica – our beautiful, brilliant daughter-in-law, Kiki’s mother.

“Beamer” – Doris Bowden, Austin’s mother, who lived with us for the last five years of her life,

*     *     *

5 thoughts on “Cast of Characters

  1. Kim, I love your blog. I have heard so much about Figi but the photos really bring it to life. Oh, and your grandson is just too cute!

    Leslie in Virginia

  2. Kim, so lovely to hear news of our beloved Fiji. It seems like a lifetime ago that my little family lived in Suva serving with our Baha’i friends. My daughter Emerald was just 3 at the time ( now 20). Circumstances change and life moves us, but Fiji is forever in our hearts.

    • Hi Judy, How wonderful to hear from you! It is beyond bizarre to imagine Emerald being 20 already! But then we have Akka’s 3 year old here, using the chair that Emerald and Franky used to play on. Actually, Guy, his wife Mami and their toddler Leo are visiting us right now as well. Life really does move on. I hope all is wonderful for you and your family, and perhaps we’ll meet again. Lots of love, Kim

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