2 March 2017


Here is that crooked neck duck as promised.  Austin says there was a whole family of them, but he sold all but two of them in the last week – this one and a baby one in a rearing pen.

So I took my Canadian grandson Victor around, looking for that baby and for other items of interest.


Here’s the rearing pen.  I see chicks, I see two humongous goslings – but I don’t see a duckling of any shape.

*     *     *


Oh boy – Guavas!   It is JAM season!    Yay.

*     *     *

Forging ahead, I go to show Victor Pineapple Circle.


News flash:  it is not Pineapple Circle any more … it is turning into Agave Circle.

I asked Junia what is agave good for.  Well, you can make tequila out of it, but not this variety.

Any fruit?  Nope.

Then WHY?     Junia’s answer:  (1)  the pineapple was looking ratty in dry season and was never giving much fruit.  (2) the agave will always look good and will grow big and spiky enough that people will always enter the circle from the entry path.    Fair enough.

*     *     *

I tell Victor, “This will be interesting for you – we have a Trash Hole.”

“A what?”

“A trash hole.  Here at the farm, we bury our trash.”

When we looked over we were both surprised.


(Oh boy is Granddaddy going to ever be steamed when he sees this photo!)

*     *     *

A better surprise was around the corner:


“Black earth” piled at the base of the papaya trees.  I had not seen that before and had to ask.  It is manure from the chicken pens.   Thanks to the fellow(s) who did that icky job.


*     *     *


Finally – a science experiment.  A friend in Suva gave Victor a small packet of magic pellets to be  grown in ” 400 gm of water.”

Who measures water in grams?

2017-03-01 magic pellets 2  R.jpg

The instructions were as entertaining as the pellets.  “one clear beauty satiety face will grow up.”  “when the flower want to oxygen and nutrition, I will help you too much.”

The result was semi-squishy marbles, way more impressive by camera flash.

We think these are probably the same algae water-catchers that are in disposable diapers – at least that is Dr. Smarty Pants’s idea.

*     *     *

Happy week, Everybody

*     *     *



2 thoughts on “2 March 2017

  1. They use those watery marbles in vases with flowers as a prettier alternative to water in the vases for like wedding s and stuff. I think thats what the third point on the instructions was trying to share.

    Is the washing machine in the trqsh hile from someone else? Turning into a neighborhood dump?

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