5 November 2020

Sigatoka used to have a set of clocks in a little tower at the roundabout at the beginning of town – but it got torn down about five years ago. There was nothing but dirt and sometimes flowers. Not any more. I give you …..

The NADRO STALLION. “Nadro” is short for Nadroga (Nan-drong-AH) – the name of our province. The horse is rearing up and resting a hoof on a rugby ball. Iconic for the folks here.


Austin is away doing coral work. I’m lonesome.

Here are chickies tucked in for the night. Sometimes I feel like that duckling.


Yesterday when I was visiting Martin, Manik (his father) asked me if I’d like some beans. “Sure,” I said. He gave me an arm full.

Manik apologized. Because of the rain, he had not been able to spray and so the beans have a little insect damage. YAY! We LOVE “not sprayed” – we don’t mind some insect damage, it proves it’s not sprayed!

For this, the export company would not buy his beans. Dummy customers.


The National Geographic hide-your-eyes section …. just because I never posted this before.



Happy November, everybody.


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