12 November 2020

I confess – I have done nothing all week except engage with my Obsession of the Month – trying to make a “stained glass quilt”

It’s not even one fourth finished, but since I haven’t done anything else, I have to show you SOME thing. Ha ha.


I did have the joy of watching Ashmita cooking yesterday and chowing down on the results. Before she left, she prepped some jackfruit.

You remember jackfruit

Cleaning it is messy. Here it is at stage 2 – skin off, in big chunks.

And here it is in its final glory before cooking

One of the virtues of jackfruit is that it retains its volume when cooked – what you start with is what you end up with (unlike, say, spinach). Another is that it is toothsome. It makes a good vegan “pulled pork” or “shredded chicken.”


Pulled out the camera for a sight that is so common in the tropics and something I don’t ever remember seeing as a kid in the temperate zone:

Rain coming.

I just now realize that there is a different tropical treat that I used to experience in Pohnpei that does not happen here – that is HEARING the rain coming like an elephant stampede. Must have to do with the size and density of the leaves…


Last thing in my camera – something very cute

A mouthful of new adult teeth.


Happy week, everybody.


8 thoughts on “12 November 2020

  1. Kim, I’m a long time quilter and it always makes me happy to see others’ quilts. Your stained glass quilt is beautiful. I hope that you’ll continue to share your progress.
    Chris Hinds- 2015 guest

  2. Oh my Kim. I LOVE that you are also obsessed with quilting. I love your description of elephant stampeding rain on Pohnpei. Love you so much. Linda (using John’s ecouke account)!

    • Hey Linda. We can have ourselves a quilting bee next time we get together. You with your super machine on the big ones, and me hand-stitching the little ones 😃 And that Pohnpei rain thing was put in specially for the few readers who’ve been there heard that. Ha ha. Big hugs

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