4 March 2021

A beautiful flower that Akka photographed and gave me

“Austin, what is the name of this flower?” Reply “I don’t know.” Aha! A flowering weed. Lovely!

My number son also captured

A mossy wall. Very unusual here – it is proof of a very rainy year.

On the animal front, I caved and took photos of our two youngest dogs.

Jumper dog

Jumper is a sweetie. Son of Winky and Bingo. Winky is still here.

Peewee pup

Nobody else has named him, so I’m calling him Peewee. If he stays until he is big, I guess I’ll call him Herman. One visitor offered Austin $100 for him, but he wants Peewee to go to our friends in Suva (who have not asked for a dog…) Peewee is the son of Po and Bingo. Po is also still here.

Jumper and Peewee – March 2021



Things look good … then not so.

No use crying over spilt corn.

All that shelling and then half a bag spilled on the wet cliff.

Injury on the field

All that bragging about our new statue – only four months ago. The Nadro Stallion with the rugby ball, (see https://ffwrfromfiji.wordpress.com/2020/11/04/5-november-2020/ ) Oh well.



In February 2014 I posted a bunch of photos of barefoot people in town. Today I got a bunch more.

I was sneaky shooting all these photos but one. The one who posed for me is Monica’s brother-in-law 🙂 Keeping country living alive right in the family.



I said I’d share photos of the quilts I’ve been working on.

This is Leo’s quilt. Rocket ship and dinosaur as requested. Milky way, extra.

I live by the motto “Finished is better than perfect.” Now that it’s finished, I’m not so sure… but at least it is done.


This is Noah’s quilt top getting pinned to the wadding and backing. It is “blue, no flowers” as requested. Plus pirate island, porpoise and three turtles (hidden by the person).


Dear ones – this is my THREE HUNDRED and NINETY-NINTH Flora & Fauna Weekly Report post. Next week is number 400. I think that is a good knocking off spot. Therefore, next week will be my last weekly blog here, at least for awhile. I will try to make next week’s post a good finale.

Happy week to you all.


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