16 July 2020

Two trips to the site for Akka and Monica’s house this week.   First, Monica took me over to climb the hill above their house one afternoon.  Winky, Bingo, Monica and me, crashing through underbrush to get there.

2020-07-10 hill above Akka's  Winky Bingo-spot  R.jpg

The view was terrific.

2020-07-10 hill above Akka's R

Here are close-ups – from left to right.

2020-07-10 hill above Akka's  Cr Pavilion and Hatchery-Ju's.jpg

The pavilion and the hatchery (Ju and Nicole’s house).

2020-07-10 hill above Akka's Cr - Cottage-Main House-Nursery-Wood house

The cottage, main house, nursery and wood house.

While we were sitting up there, I kept asking about the helicopter that was supposed to pick us up.  It never arrived.  But luckily our neighbor showed up to move his bullock and he told us where we could find a good path to get down the hill.


A few days later Austin spotted someone of interest on our porch.

2020-07-12 baby hawk after chix on porch  Cr.jpg

A young gos-hawk taking interest in our chicks.

2020-07-12 chix on porch Cr

Ever since Po had her $75 snack, we have kept wire over the chick boxes.  So the hawk was doomed to frustration even if I had not arrived.


I came up with the easiest pattern ever for a phone purse – and can knock one out in just an hour now – so I made a bunch this week.   (the blue one is the old pattern, the 3 on the right are the new pattern)

2020-07-15 crochet phone pockets  R.jpg


And the second trip to Monica’s place – she took me there to get me out of the house – but I did end up actually helping with the work a little.

2020-07-15 Akka's hill at work R

This is us unloading stuff.    If you can see the pond on the left – my job was getting water from there and watering the plants.

2020-07-15 Akka's hill at work Wild Rose  Cr.jpg

This is a wild “rose” growing beside the pond.


After working so hard, Monica came back and cooked kai (clams) for dinner.

2020-07-15 kai with stick out tongues RE

Here they are still alive with their tongues sticking out.

Usually I’m not all that fond of kai – but however she cooked them, they were DELICIOUS last night.  Wow.  Yum!


Finally – and it pains me to do this – I warned someone that if a certain holey item ended up in the laundry again instead of the rag basket, it was going on my blog.

2020-07-15 holey  Cr.jpg

There you have it.


Happy week, everybody 🙂





2 thoughts on “16 July 2020

  1. Wasn’t Sarojni also up there on the hill with you all? And did you come down together or did she stay up top with her husband Sanjay? Anyway.. good blog this week. The hawk photo must have taken some stealth. Hahaha

    • It was only Monica and me – we plowed through the bush. Sanjay came up to move his bullock and told us where the good path is (behind his house). Glad you liked the blog this week 😀

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