9 July 2020

Busy week.

Started with a party, making good use of the new deck in front of the cottage. Guests showed up half an hour after this.

2020-07-04 party on deck  Cr.jpg

Happy first birthday to “Junia Junior” (Baby Keanu).



We got water hyacinths from our friend George in Nausori.  Hyacinths will be the low tech filtering system our pool when we get the channels created.

2020-07-01 Water hyacinth Cr

For now the hyacinths are just in the pool itself.


Yesterday, today and tomorrow – one of Fiji’s “winter flowers”

2020-07-09 yesterday today tomorrow dripping flowers  Cr.jpg

Full of blossoms, petals blanketing the ground.



A sack of toads …. whee.

2020-07-03 bag of toads R

This came from cleaning out the fish pond.  Why?


The number one comment on last week’s blog (on Facebook) was that the maggots did not look gross.  I had cropped the photo super tight.  So HERE.  THIS is what I found so gross.

2020-07-01 maggots in a nutshell  Cr bigger view.jpg

You’re welcome.   (gag)



Akka finally got his citizenship.  Yay.  To celebrate we dug the foundation on the site of what will be his and Monica’s house – across the field by 3 unused fish ponds.

2020-07-09 Akka terrace R

Excavation turned up a lot of wild turmeric.

2020-07-06 Akka terrace haldi  CrE.jpg


We also dug the foundation for Junia and Nicole’s house at the end of his piece of land.  Photos coming by and by.


Happy week, everybody.


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