23 July 2020

It is a “mechanical” week.

But first one plant and one animal.

2020-07-22 hyacinths in pool  Cr.jpg

Water lily in the “cement pond.”

2020-07-22 blueback chick CrE

And a new color of chickie – Austin calls it a “blueback.”


Here is my current obsession:

2020-07-17 String 1 CrE

String from feed bags.  Austin suggested I try using it.

2020-07-17 String 2 Cr

That mess of string made a ball THIS big.

2020-07-23 string 3 RE

Then I started crocheting with it.

2020-07-23 string 4 Cr

And that ball became handiwork THIS long.   Akka somehow thinks I’m going to crochet a hammock.  That feels too ambitious – but I’ll make something.  I found it all so fun, I went digging in the feed room and found a bigger mess of string.

2020-07-20 string 5 Cr

And made THIS string ball.  Unknotting and tying and rolling took almost 6 hours.  Yeah, I’m a nut case.  But it is so FUN.   Now every day I look for the new feedbag strings and I’m working on a third ball as I crochet up the second ball.


One evening Austin told us the great news that he had planted cauliflower and broccoli that day.  He was really excited by it … and then the story continued.  Not long after his cauliflower and broccoli was in the ground – the geese went and they ate all of it!

2020-07-22 goose fence  Cr.jpg

Now there is a blockade at the top of cardiac hill.

And Austin jokes about having goose for dinner.


One of Sigatoka town’s charms for me was the old sugar train tracks.

2020-07-22 losing tracks 1 R

Even though the bridge broke years ago, tourists could still ride a train from Cuvu to town – and folk would sit up on the hill and have their lunches.

2020-07-22 losing tracks 2  R.jpg

The tracks and their hill are in the process of getting torn down.    The only way I’m willing to see this as progress is if there is some program to beautify and make better use of our riverfront.


Proofreaders Begone!

2020-07-22 EIXT sign Cr

Head for the nearest Eixt!


Happy week, Everybody.



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