28 June 2018

I got to accompany Austin out to Plantation Island overnight for some of his coral work again.  We were supposed to leave on the first boat – and had to leave way  early to be at the port on time through the typical Nadi morning gridlock …. so we arrived at Port Denerau before any of the shops were open:

2018-06-22 Denarau before opening R

It felt strange and empty.

And then it started filling up, but the staff for the Malolo Cat never showed up.  Oh yes, the first boat was canceled.  Island life.

*     *     *

Evenutally we got on board — and I learned a few nifty things during the trip.

Behold this photo

2018-06-22 Fiji maritime flag and clouds over Teitei in distance Cr

Two nifty things about it.   One is that the MOUNTAIN right behind the flag and under the cloud is Mount Koroba (Koromba) – the mountain we see from the farm directly to our north.

The other nifty thing here is the FLAG.  Does it look a bit odd to you?  Turns out this is Fiji’s maritime flag – red background instead of standard blue.


I guess the standard flag lacks the necessary visibility at sea.

*     *     *

Killing time on the boat ride, Austin showed me the weird line on the skin of his hand:

2018-06-22 epidermis of human palm Cr

a definite ridge line between the skin of his palm and the other skin.  This led to a discussion – Austin saying how much more sensitive the skin of this palm is – which led to experiments (tickle here, tickle there: mine is more sensitive, too! … and I guess everybody’s is).  And now finally I have an explanation for why my feet have always been SOOO ticklish.    Lots one can learn when bored!

*     *     *

Random shots at Plantation Island.   Do any of these strike anyone else as odd?

Palm trees

2018-06-22 palms at Plantation Cr

Saving a pool chair

2018-06-22 Left Behind Cr

Thing that went bump in the night

2018-06-23 DANG Cr

*     *     *

The Weird World of Burl

2018-06-23 World of Burl 1 Cr

These are typical tree burls.

2018-06-23 World of Burl 2 R

I do not get the appeal, but for some reason some people think it is really classy to buy bowls that are carved out of tree burls.  This is a display of carved burl bowls at Jacks.  I didn’t go look at the prices, but I know they have to run at least US$60 each.

Anyhow – I’m going into details about the burls because there was another oddity on Plantation Island that I saw this time that could have starred in PT Barnum’s side show if only it was human:  the Warty Casuarina Tree.

2018-06-23 World of Burl 3 Cr

It has a moderate size burl here.

2018-06-23 World of Burl 4 R

And the more burls on the branches.  And smaller ones on the smaller branches.

2018-06-23 World of Burl 5 R

Until every single twig has tiny burls all over it.   YIKES!

That’s SICK.

*     *     *


I was going to give you “sick” – tauvimate – but I already taught you that.

So instead I’ll give you   yatevuso  – which means “lungs”  .   I’ll leave it to you to figure out why these words might be coming to mind right now.

*     *     *

Happy week, Everybody!

*     *     *

5 thoughts on “28 June 2018

  1. Interesting. Burls are common in Alaska People make the same sorts of things from them. Hope you had fun. Steph

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  2. It’s amazing to be at a place before anyone else and slowly see how it fills up.
    I also liked the hidden plastic palm trees hidden among the “real ones” in one of the Plantation Island pictures.

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