21 June 2018

2018-06-21 new dog whats-her-name Cr

We have a new family member (maybe temporarily) – little What’s-Her-Name.  She is/was Monica’s pup, but Monica is (maybe temporarily) overseas.  Anyway, she came to us with a lot of names: Daino, Jumbo, Dino.  For a female??   I’ve been calling her Domino.   But someone else is calling her Blackie.  I’ll let you know if she stays and what name ends up sticking.

*     *     *

First trip to the other side of Nausori in a loooooooong time.

2018-06-15 Rewa River Cr

This is the Rewa River – more impressive than my photo.

2018-06-15 cattle xing minus exit Cr

Cattle on the road.

2018-06-15 Neumi's chicken house R

The goal:  delivering 6 dozen chicks to the owner of this “chicken house.”  It is quite a nice structure, but very odd for a chicken house.  There are no roosting poles or nesting boxes.  I love kerosene lamps hanging low.  Anyway, I took lots of photos to show to Austin – but he’s been too busy to look at them.  The owner wants another 14 dozen chicks!  Good Lord!  I want to make sure that Austin knows his set-up will work before he invests in such a huge flock.

*     *     *

Inside a prosperous home in a village:

2018-06-15 Old European room R

I loved this – there are curtains around a bed in the main room.  It is very much like the old European homes.   In the director commentary of the movie “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” – this aspect of the set was pointed out.  🙂

2018-06-15 Priorities R

And priorities, priorities!  Big screen TV.   Relative in the “developed world” is envious!

*     *     *

Construction Project Updates

2018-06-21 tree house to date R

Tree house – good to go!  A few “extras” to add – but this is basically DONE.

2018-06-15 Chicken on porch solution Cr

A solution to keep the roosters and hens off my porch!   Guy did this before he left: wire mesh above the gate and on the first window only.  I always objected to covering all the windows – and it really was not necessary.  YAY.

*     *     *

Permaculture Workshop with 18 people is going on – it is crazy here.  The only shots I got was these.

2018-06-19 altering a cane knife Cr

Altering the cane knives.

machete with hook stock

That started out looking like this.

2018-06-19 altered cane knives Cr

And now look like THIS.

Why, Junia, why?  I asked.   He answered, because the hooks get caught on brush when they are using them to chop and drop.   He has no idea what the hooks are used for.  They don’t need them.

*     *     *

A bit of cuteness:

2018-06-21 Alice and chicks Cr

Granddaughter Alice and some chickies.

*     *     *

Fijian Word for the Week

“People”  is  tamata.

There are plenty tamata  here right now.

(I have no idea how to say this whole sentence correctly in Fijian yet – a wild guess is Sa levu na tamata ikei wale saraga oqo.   Watch next week for the inevitable correction. )

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *


2 thoughts on “21 June 2018

    • You have a keen eye. It is indeed a “cage” – a cage for my grandchildren on their new tree house. This pup manages to climb the ladder and get to the first floor. 🙂

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