5 July 2018


2018-06-27 giant pawpaw Cr

You think this is a big pawpaw?

It is not so impressive compared to the monster papaya from four years ago.

4-10-14 Monster Pawpaw Cr-anew

Happy memories.  (Madam, the lady in the photo, is no longer with us.)

*     *     *

Chickens found a pumpkin in the field before Austin did.   So Austin put a candle in it!

2018-07-03 chicken carved jack'o'lantern Cr

There are aliens among us ….

*     *     *


(It seems a rare week that I have both Flora and Fauna any more)

2018-07-04 one-legged duck Cr

A one-legged duck.   Austin told me to take this photo.  The duck had been standing with his leg up for over half an hour.  Dr. Smarty Pants claims that ducks routinely warm up one leg at a time in the winter in snowy climes …. so this is proof to me that it is Horribly Cold Here right now.  Ah, the depths of winter.

2018-07-01 new caterpillar Cr

Also a new caterpillar – very fast critter.  This was the clearest shot I got.  What kind of butterfly or moth is is fated to become?

*     *     *

“Take this photo!”

2018-07-03 Austin's brains Cr

“Why, Austin?”

“Because it represents my brains.”


*     *     *

2018-06-28 fixing the feeder road Cr

Surprise – the government fixed our feeder road this week!  Scraped the sides, deepened the drains, grated it … and put good gravel on the worst spots.   Very smooth, very nice … at least until rainy season.  (photo was of the operation in progress)

*     *     *

We have spent so much time at the hospital this week, that my daughters really wanted me to get this last series of photos;

2018-07-04 ER 1 Cr

The hospital on approach.  Which is the Emergency entrance?

2018-07-04 ER 2 R

The most likely door on approach, but no sign.

2018-07-04 ER 3 Cr

From the inside looking out.   Aha!

*     *     *


Gone  (pronounce NGO-nay) means “child”

Gone tagane (NGO-nay tang-AH-nay) is a boy,  gone yalewa (NGO-nay ya-LE-wa) is a girl.

I have 5 gone tagane and 2 gone yalewa  here right now.  Makubuqu (ma-koom-BOONG-goo) – my grandchildren.

*     *     *

Happy week, Everybody!

*     *     *

4 thoughts on “5 July 2018

  1. Happy times! I have just been in Cairns where there were lots of beautiful pawpaws for breakfast (or anytime). I must say the feeder road does look very ‘grated’. And I love the shell brain.

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