14 June 2018

Happy FIVE YEARS to this blog!  FIVE YEARS !!!!!   I was going to quit at this date, but because of a bit of urging, we’ll slog along awhile longer.

This issue is coming out four hours late.  Here is why:

2018-06-14 workshop prep 1 R


2018-06-14 workshop prep 2 Cr


Prep for workshop.  We have TWENTY participants coming on Sunday for a five day workshop.  This is on the heels of non-stop Teitei guests … and in the midst of a lot of family arrivals.  Lucky us!

*     *     *

Son Guy – lead carpenter on the tree house – left.  He was supposed to leave on Tuesday, but missed his plane because it actually left on Monday (ha ha) – so he finally got out on Wednesday.   This was the tree house when he said his second goodbye:

2018-06-12 and the lead carpenter left R

Now our friend Rakesh will step up and finish it, but Granddaddy is getting involved – and God only knows what it will be like when it is done.

*     *     *

I went up to Leo’s garden by myself.  This is what I saw:

2018-06-13 Leo's garden 2 Cr

Cabbages.   and……

2018-06-13 Leo's garden 3 Cr

I don’t know what that is.

*     *     *

All kinds of oddball photos in my phone this week

Here is where the truck conked out –

2018-06-12 end of the road - for now R

Best place possible to conk out – in the parking lot the day before we had to get guests and Guy to port and airport for very early connections.  We knew to arrange a different transport for them.   Man, if it had conked out on the way to Nadi at 6 a.m. it would have been a disaster!

*     *     *

Goat in a trunk.

2018-06-10 goat in trunk Cr

Bridegroom and his dad came on the morning after the wedding to buy some roosters or a duck.   Austin had one duck he could spare (was going to just give it as a wedding present, since I didn’t take an envelope the night before) … but he could not catch her – tried for nearly 20 minutes.  Oh well.  So he put the value of the duck into the bridegroom’s hand.  As they got ready to leave, the groom mentioned he’d already gotten a goat.  First time I saw a goat transported like that.  Poor goat – about to be the chief guest at a feast.

*     *     *

A morning rainbow (this is unusual) and a malabar chestnut flower.

*     *     *

2018-06-14 farm watercolors haldi hibiscus lemon baking soda Cr

Finally …. watercolors from the farm.  Granddaddy goofing around with the grandkids.

2018-06-14 farm watercolors lemon on hibisicus on 1st paper

Hibiscus on new photocopy, painted with lemon juice.

2018-06-14 hibiscus lemon & baking soda on 2nd paper

Hibiscus on the old old photocopy paper, painted with baking soda water and dots of lemon juice.

2018-06-14 haldi with baking soda on 1st paper

Haldi (turmeric) on new paper, painted with baking soda water.

*     *     *

HINDI Word of the Week (instead of Fijian)

Kaha?  means “Where?”

hammar  means “my”

Rakesh borrowed something from me, and before he left, I asked him,

Kaha hammar hammah?”   (I thought that was quite cute 🙂 )

(I didn’t know that word in Hindi anyway – although I do know it in Fijian:  tuki)


*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.   Mo mamarau tiko.

*     *     *


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