28 September 2017

2017-09-23 fire on hill to north Cr

Snap crackle pop!   First Austin heard the sounds, then he saw the flames, then he yelled for me to come with my camera.  Geez Louise – I didn’t even catch the biggest flames.  Some were 40 feet above the hilltop (very briefly).  So the hill to the north now has a nice wide burn scar on it.  Lucky for us, flames go uphill more than sideways, or the fire could have crept down and over to our property.  They didn’t.

*     *     *

No photos for it, but two ladies from the 2017 census came to get our info yesterday.  I was the one home for it.  Everybody’s name, date of birth, religion, education, work.  Status of land (leased, freehold).  How many rooms, i.e. bedrooms and sitting rooms …. that surprised me when I counted: we have 19 !!  Do we have a stove, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, generator, sewing machine? … and my favorite question because I didn’t even understand it at first – Is there a tap for every toilet?  (i.e. is there a sink, a place to wash hands)   Yes.

*     *     *

The rest this week is artsy-fartsy stuff.

2017-09-21 vase and flowers

Monica made this beautiful and weird flower arrangement.

2017-09-24 a flower from Kiki Cr

Kiki brought me this flower.  (It is a passion fruit flower.)

I took photos of the dogs to try to learn to sketch them.  Po

And Torsett.   I don’t expect publishers to be flocking to me to illustrate stories any time soon…..


I was decluttering and found two sculptures from son Guy when he was 16 or 17.

Kiki saw them and just LOVED THEM (what boy wouldn’t?)  Ha ha.   Guy generously said I could give them to Kiki.  Happy him.  (Also happy me – two more items out of my house!)

*     *     *

Another thing I found while decluttering, something set aside for a rainy day so to speak:  an unbrella!  And it rained a bit.  And I used it!

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *


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