5 October 2017

2017-10-02 piggyback 1 as is

This is what got the most attention this week.  Austin kept saying this was happening.  I never saw it.  Akka took this photo.   Do you not see it?  I didn’t.

2017-10-02 piggyback 2 as is

So I got down and tried the professional photographer approach of waiting patiently. I had to pull the cat off the cage two or three times.  Was surprised Akka took a photo of me waiting.

2017-10-02 piggyback 3 Cr

Finally – one fairly clear picture.   These chicks like to ride this mama hen piggy-back!  Did you ever hear of THAT?

*     *     *

2017-10-02 large arachnid 1 Cr

A   B-I-G  old spider in a high web.

How big?

2017-10-02 large arachnid 2 as is

Well, just compare him/her to the wide side of this cane knife….

*     *     *

2017-10-01 Guess who - not Torsett - JACKIE Cr

Guess who!

No – NOT Torsett.      2017-09-21 Torsett R

This is “JACKIE” – a son of Torsett and Po, adopted by a family in Barara.  They wanted a female from Winky’s litter.  We just took her to them this week and were shocked at how much their dog looks like Torsett.  He was all angry and growling at us, but we were all smiley and calm and “awwwwww Torsett !!!”  Anyway, we are very happy to have one of our pups with this family because we can SEE that they take excellent care of their dogs.

*     *     *

Happy week, everybody.

*     *     *

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