21 September 2017

2017-09-20 Beqa & Yasawas HC workshop R

We have another Happy Chicken workshop going on – this time with 3 people from Beqa, 10 from Yasawas and one from Nausori.   Austin’s workshops are getting better, I think.  I’ve seen participants in the chicken pen this time, and foraging for the plants that are good chicken food.  It seems to be even more hands on.

*     *     *

2017-09-14 march of the millipedes Cr

Austin brought these millipedes for me to immortalize.  Why?    Seriously – why?  (I’m not a big insect fan.)  He says they are cute.  Also they are only found in Fiji, and have managed to hold their own against the chickens.  (They also secrete spit that can raise a blister – so no thanks on the millipedes.)   And, by the way, they’re not insects – they’re their own group.  (That’s good, because I actually LIKE some insects, like dragonflies….)

*     *     *

You’d think I’d have seen folks out in the fields with hoes, but actually this was the first time.

These are all friends.  I asked what crop and they told me “bindi” (okra).  They’re getting ready because they are expecting rain.  I hope they’re right.

*     *     *

Glimpse of future delight (I hope).   Akka and I went to buy a bunkbed for Kiki at the home of a friend from the coast, Tessa.   Akka knew she was building a bure (traditional house).   It’s done and she took us for a look-see.  Turns out she uses the bure for her massage business.  I didn’t know she has a massage business!

Oh boy!

*     *     *

I know what I’m looking forward to.  I hope you all have happy plans ahead as well.

Love to all.

*     *     *

2 thoughts on “21 September 2017

  1. Dear Kim, I haven’t been commenting lately, but I have been reading your blog. I really enjoyed seeing the millipedes. We sure needed okra in this part of the country this year. I love it but even with all the rain we have had, very little of it. Austin’s workshop reminded me that when I was little I would try to help the little chicks out of the eggs often with a bad result. I soon found out they have to do it themselves. The thatch roofed dwelling was very interesting too. Hope you are doing well. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Larry, I’m glad you are enjoying the photos and that they bring up interesting childhood memories. You are more than welcome to all our millipedes – send your address (ha ha). Lots of love.

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