4 February 2021

I never told you what happened to our truck that lost gears 3 and 4. Turns out that is a MAJOR problem. We were told to expect it to take 2 1/2 months – what with shipping delays and all.

Luckily, somebody sourced a good used gearbox.

Here is our trusty beast carrying a load of jungcao – China Miracle Grass. It is used for growing edible and medicinal mushrooms. Akka and Lemeki were taking it up top to get mulched.

This is the fun woodchipper machine from a grant – just acquired this week. Sorry I couldn’t get a photo with the plume of chips… oh well.

I called Austin to get the name of that grass – and he got all excited. The jungcao grass – once it’s been shredded – gets REALLY HOT, unlike all the other plants they’ve shredded so.far.

What’s up.with that ?


Happy week, everybody !!!


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