28 January 2021

Three photos. Four little stories.


Monica’s purple plant

Monica and I were walking in Lautoka a few days ago (while I was trying to get myself a good sewing machine. That was a bust). Monica stopped when she saw this purple plant sticking through a chain link fence. She broke off four branches of it. “Gee, what father-in-law of yours do you remind me of?” I teased. She laughed. This morning I notice the leaves in the fish tank. I have zero photos for my blog so I decide to photograph her plant.. “Why did you pick this anyway?” Monica said, “Dad loves it, and he says the chickens and the geese love to eat it … So I got it and will plant it in hanging baskets.” (wow) “And I like the little flower.” (Oh yeah, it does have a flower – so I get that in the photo).


Dad’s croton

Sitting in the fishless fish tank beside Monica’s plant. Pretty leaves – why is it there? So I call Austin who has gone to Suva for the day. “Why are the croton leaves in the fish tank?” “Because the vase blew over,.” he said. “Do you have a plan for them?” “Yeah, I plan to pllant them when they get roots.” ok. Then I ask, “Where did you get them?” “from the bush under the clothes line.” HA HA HA – that’s how cued in I am to surroundings.

(FAUNA – I have a fauna story, but I want a fauna photo … what animal can I take a photo of? Monica is sweeping and she announces an observation Twice. The second time I realize: this is God’s Gift to the blog!)


baby black gecko

This is from 20 minutes ago. Monica sweeps the floor beside the dining table and announces, “a Baby Black Gecko!” Black geckos are rare, finding any gecko this small is unusual. Cutie!


Just a story.

We have mostly conquered the toads in our kitchen/lounge but last night a small interloper arrived. Austin jumped up and picked it up with his Fred Flintstone toes. He walked across the room using the heel of that foot and proceeded to try tossing the toad outside – over the bench with his foot. It thunked and bounced off a post or something – and hopped right back to Austin. Ha ha. He picked it up with the same foot and tried tossing again. There was another thunk, but the toad was outside. GOAL!


Happy week, everybody.


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