21 April 2016

2016-04-21 Dove and Alex

Thought I’d start off with some eye candy.  This is Alex,  my daughter’s brother-in-law, currently at the farm, with a bird he was able to pick up.

2016-04-21 dove

Pretty dove!

*    *     *

The only real news this week is that the chickens finally discovered the lower field and have gone there to graze.  I didn’t get a picture.

*    *     *

2016-04-21 Road to Yada House

I went walking to my neighbors up the hill and had to turn back.  Look what happened to their road!

*    *     *

And for the only other photo from the week.

2016-04-21 suki

Guess what!   I had no idea so I don’t expect you to.  This is “suki” (soo-kee) – braided tobacco that is cut up and rolled in a piece of newspaper to be smoked.   Hard to imagine, isn’t it.

*    *     *

Happy week, everybody!

*    *     *


6 thoughts on “21 April 2016

    • I thought you would like that tobacco. 🙂
      Where have you been? Oy! I just realized – I had magnificent LOLO BUNS (buns with coconut cream) last weekend … I should have taken a photo and put it in here for you. oh well. If they ever come around again…. You must post some cake to make up for my oversight.

  1. I really enjoyed this edition to the blog. Your daughter’s brother-in-law must be pretty skilled to catch this bird. It didn’t look injured, so he must have been fleet-of-foot. It looked like the high water did a lot of damage to the road, and it will take a while to repair. I really liked the basket. It reminded me of a snake basket. Hope you are doing well. We are beginning spring her with lots of rain, cool weather and beautiful wheat. LG.

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