14 April 2016

2016-04-14 white flower tree  Cr

Austin:  Ooh – look at that flowering tree!  [visible from our dining table]  What is it?

Ju:  It’s a native tree.

Austin:  What’s it called?

Ju:  I don’t know.

*     *     *

The weather is beautiful, and I forget all about the storm until I look in the camera and/or drive to town.

2016-04-14 flood  0  Cr

Boarded up, ready for the winds that never came.

2016-04-14 flood 1  R

River as seen from Pineapple Circle, normally not visible from that spot.

2016-04-14 flood 2  Cr

Good God!  Creeping up our highway.

2016-04-14 flood 3  R

Looking north from Beamer’s grave.

2016-04-14 flood 4  Cr

This is what that normally looks like.

Anjila, who lives in this neighborhood tells me that all her young eggplants bushes got washed away in this flood.  Three lines of them.  She’d only had 2 pickings, where normally the plants would be producing for 1-2 years.  Sigh.

A near disaster in the flood was the near  death of animals.  Junia was worried about a cow in the field he could see from the sink. (My eyes aren’t so good – so I could never see what he was pointing at.)   The cow was up to its flanks in water, and we didn’t think the neighbors were home to move it.   Finally Junia went down to movie it himself – and it turned out to be a myna bird sitting on top of a rusted car..

Humans really could have died as well as animals.  Rakesh swam the rushing creek to move Ryu, the horse my son Guy gave him, to a higher, safer place.

Anyhow – the flood is gone now and here are a few “after shots.”

2016-04-14 after flood 1  R

flood plain from Pineapple Circle


2016-04-14 after flood 2  R

where the river took the papaya plantation

2016-04-14 after flood 3  Cr

big tree gone to sleep with the fishes

There are a few other reminders, too.

2016-04-14 smudge 1  R

Guess what?

2016-04-14 smudge 2  R


Can you tell?   This is a “smudge” – made of a burning coconut husk, and used for ….. mosquito control.   Yes, alas,  the rain has settled into some happy breeding grounds for mozzies.   We’ll get the buggers under control eventually.

Another reminder:  storm relief.   Bags of peanut seed and packets of high yield pumpkin seed, ready to be taken to Moturiki this week.

*     *     *

2016-04-14 cricket  Cr

CRITTER CORNER – Akka grabbed the camera to take a shot of these new crickets (?) that have appeared on our ceiling at night.

(long blog this week … we’re not done yet)

*     *     *

2016-04-14 HC duck pond  Cr

I went to the school this week and happened to see Austin’s Happy Chicken project – the fenced in  fish pond/duck pond and chicken house.   Yes, I see the pond, the fence, the ducks.  Ah – new tin on house beside it – Austin said that was good – use the new tin on a house and use the used tin for the chicken house.  (Where is the old tin?  Just curious.)

*     *     *

And, finally …..

Clickety clack.  What time is it?

2016-04-14 tyre  R

Time for a new tyre.

*     *     *






1 thought on “14 April 2016

  1. Well Kim, it ooks like lots of rain. The island was very lucky to have not had more damage. Hope everything is drying out by now. Fall is coming on there.

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