29 August 2019

IMG_8529  Daisy at the fish tank  Cr.jpg

Just getting a drink of water.  Our cats prefer lightly-flavored fish water.  Eau de poisson.

*    *    *

We fired the clay pots.

Here are some clay figures just dried – we have saved some for firing NEXT time.

2019-08-23 firing pots 1  Cr.jpg

We fired the dinosaur and our guest’s clay pot.   Guy built a fire of coconut husks.

2019-08-23 firing pots 2  R.jpg

I never heard of a fire from coconut husks.  We always use the shells for cooking – all I knew burning husks for was mosquito smudges and bee smokers.

2019-08-23 firing pots 3  R.jpg

Silly me.  Those husks got nice and hot.  The clay items were in the middle of the husks.

2019-08-23 firing pots 4  R.jpg

After about 20 minutes the husks had burned down.  We saw the glowing edge of the pot – Guy uncovered it with a bent bar.   It lost its heat glow as soon as it cooled a little bit.

IMG_8532 - firing pots last shot  Cr.jpg

Here it is on top of the ashes.

*    *    *

The Lamb Man came back with two little ewes.

2019-08-28 young ewes  R.jpg

We are accepting suggestions for names.  Austin came up with “Mary” and “Contrary” – but even he doesn’t think they are good enough.

They went down to the sheep area without too much trouble – okay, our dogs were a big hassle, but other than that, no problem.  But then we needed to get Curly the Little Ram back up to the Lamb Man’s truck.

2019-08-28 dragging Curly 1  Cr.jpg

Curly didn’t want to go.

2019-08-28 dragging Curly  R.jpg

He really didn’t want to go.

2019-08-28 dragging Curly 3  R.jpg


Sad Curly ….  who was about to become the King Solomon of the Lamb Man’s herd.   Top dog.   We know he is happy now.

*    *    *


Savasava (SA-va-sa-VA) means “clean”

Savata (sa-VA-ta) means “to clean”

Savata na peleti – means “to clean the dishes (plates)”   (This is what I knew to say)

Yaya – means “stuff” (items)

Yaya ni kana  – means “stuff for food” – i.e. “dishes”   (This is what Honorable Barefoot Professa just told me.)

Daughter-in-law Mami found something better for savata na yaya ni kana than the crappy commercial sponges.

2019-08-28 island-style pot scrubber  Cr.jpg

Coconut husk.   Yes!

*    *    *

Happy week, everybody!

*    *    *

4 thoughts on “29 August 2019

    • Yes, we do make coconut oil soap, but we do not waste our precious VCO for it. We buy the cheap, inedible coconut oil from the store. Interestingly, some bottles of that coconut oil “freeze” at zero degrees Coconut (23 degrees Celsius) and some do not …. meaning it is cut with some other oil. No mind – the soap doesn’t care.

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