6 November 2014

2014-11-05 tamarind mountains  Cr

It’s tamarind season again.  We have mountains here to process, neighbors have carted sacks of it away, and the two trees are still full of tamairnds – which are no doubt getting black and moldy from being out in the rain.  For a start-to-finish on tamarind processing, you can look at my old posts from 10 October and 17 October 2013.

2014-11-05 plumeria 1  Cr


One of the first things Austin did when we moved here was to plant trees – among them: plumeria.   TA DA !    Now in bloom.

2014-11-05 plumeria 2  Cr

This lovely flower was the star of all the leis we ever received or made in our Micronesia years.  It holds up well for a few days and has a delicious perfume.  What’s odd is that the only plumeria here are pink and red.  The yellow-white ones are far more common.   Plumeria is also known as frangiapani, and in Fijian its name is senibua.

2014-11-05 above Fr grave  R

This lovely bench, up near the plumerias, overlooks the grave of Fred Cat .   The pineapples are abundant and in many locations around our farm.

2014-11-05 pineapple 1  R

This one is on the side of Cardiac Hill.   Note the very spiky leaves.

2014-11-05 pineapple 2  R

This one is under the big teak tree.  Note the smooth leaves.

We ate the fatso pineapple from last week once it finished ripening.  JUICY!  SWEET!


Me:  Is there anything going on I could put in this week’s blog?

Ju:  Chickens, geese, ducks?.         Me:   Boring – I do them all the time..

Ju:  Lots of mangoes on the tree?     Me:  Did that 2 weeks ago.

Ju:  OH!  My pocket garden.            Me:  What pocket garden?

Ju:  It has zucchini, cabbages, corn, watermelon, bok choi.


Ju points down the hill.

Ju:  Down there – I planted it myself.      Me:  Is it fruiting already?

Ju:  Yes!                                 Me:  Will you walk down with me?

Ju:   No, I’m tired right now, but don’t worry, you can’t miss it.

So…..   THIS is what we see without Junia

2014-11-05 Junia garden  R

It looks short.  All I can tell for sure is corn stalks to the back on the right.

2014-11-05 Ju gar wmlon flwr  Cr

I hunt and hunt.  I don’t see any fruit of any kind.   I think this might be a watermelon flower.

2014-11-05 Ju gar insect mate  Cr

LIFE!   Two insects mating on a God-knows-what and Junia-knows-what kind of flower.

2014-11-05 Ju gar insect mate  CloseCr

I’ll give us a close up since it is the only fauna this week at all.

2014-11-05 pond still dry  R

Walking back up the hill, I take another shot of our “pond.”   You can see it is green, it is raining.   I am shocked that the water table is still so low.   Thank God our bore hole that supplies us with running water has been holding up!

*   *   *

2014-11-05 dinner bell  Cr

This is our dinner bell.   Just thought you might like to see it.

Have a happy week, and may the suppers you are called to all be tasty ones.

*   *   *