2 October 2014

2014-09-21 dawn 1 R

The best part of every day for me for the last month has been getting up at dawn and walking out to pineapple circle.

2014-09-21 dawn 3  R

This may change with the weather, but it has been a great joy.

2014-09-23 macadamia nut tree in flower  Cr


Our macadamia tree is in flower.   I forgot we even had a macadamia tree until Austin reminded me.

2014-09-25 macadamia sign  R

Even though it has this helpful (though misspelled) sign!   Oh well…..

2014-09-25 macadamia flower  Cr

Behold a macadamia flower.

2014-09-25 macadamia flowers 2  R

The tree has LOTS of them.

2014-09-25 macadamia nuts  Cr

And even some young macadamia nuts!

2014-09-28 mtn apple flowers  R


Akka cued me in on this one – it is a mountain apple flower, blooming in the goose pen.  Beautiful, isn’t it!   (I don’t know if I’d see any of the tree flowers if it weren’t for my family).

2014-09-27 David Bowie horse with riders  R


These boys came on horseback to buy a dozen chicks from Austin.  Of more interest to me was the horse….

2014-09-27 David Bowie horse eye R

David Bowie on the hoof!    I’d never seen a horse with blue eyes – or in this case ONE blue eye!    You’ll have to take my word that the other one was brown.  I couldn’t get him from the other side.

2014-09-20 Ken - on horseback2014-09-20 Ken - on horseback 2


A couple of weeks ago Ken, another Teitei guest, told me he had some photos I could use.  I didn’t get them before he left, but he actually remembered to put them in dropbox for me!  Yay!    Here we have some of his kids and Kiki on horses with Vina’s son and with Akka – mounting up and on a trail ride.

2014-09-20 Ken - Sigatoka Sahara2014-09-20 Ken - Sigatoka Sahara 2

Ken got some great photos of Sigatoka’s Sahara – the Sand Dunes.

2014-09-20 Ken - swing at cottage

Back at the farm – his youngest daughter enjoying the tire swing at the cottage.

2014-09-20 Ken - gecko and beetle

Some creature life other than the scores of chickie photos he took :)

2014-09-20 Ken - man in the trees 3

And What the Heck?!   What was Austin doing up in the tree?

2014-09-28 surprise clutch of eggs  R


Austin found this clutch of eggs in the unfinished ground floor of our house.   Twenty-nine eggs!    Good Lord!

The other surprise was something just learned from a fellow-blogger: hens as exterminators!  Green Lizard  put up this post last week, wherein she displayed some envy-eliciting speckled eggs AND told how chicken ears relate to shell color  http://lizard100blog.wordpress.com/2014/09/28/chicken-shed/    I felt obligated to tell her I already knew how chickens ears are related to eggshell color, and gave her a link to my 8 May 2014 post.  WELL – what a shocker: in our exchange of replies under my post she told me that her hens catch mice. !!   She later said ALL hens catch mice.   That is news to me, and more: it is even news to Dr. Happy Chicken.

2014-09-29 first drops  R


Voila!  Our first drops.

2014-09-29 first mud  R

And our first mud.

These photos are from day before yesterday.  The sun is out again already – CHEERS.

*     *     *

May your October be resplendent!    October in the southern hemisphere is the equivalent of April in the north.   Autumn for most of you, spring for us.    Seems just right.

*     *     *

28 August 2014

2014-08-26 plum 1  R

Monica brought these in – new fruits on the farm – mangosteens, she thought.  I was SO EXCITED!  Mangosteens are delicious.  I knew Austin had planted some mangosteen trees a few years back, but they are supposed to take twenty years before bearing fruit.  Wow!  Ours were so early!

We cut one.

2014-08-26 plum 2  R

Well, the skin was not hard like a mangosteen.  And the flesh was not pearly over the seeds like a mangosteen – but what the heck:  this was 14 years premature!   (I still hadn’t clued in.)   I ran down to the pond with Monica to show off our mangosteens to Austin.  He broke the news to me – they aren’t child-prodigy mangosteens after all – they are some kind of plummy thing.  Even Austin doesn’t know what they are, even though he planted the tree. They are growing on our land and they taste pretty good.  Anyway, it is something new.

2014-08-05 chrysallis 2  R


Austin was going to put them in a jar so he could see the moths emerge.    Well here is a chrysalis from one.

2014-08-26 dalo sphinx moth  R

And here is the dalo sphinx moth that emerged.   It had been in the jars several days before I got around to taking its photo, and it was flapping its wings, trying to figure out how they work.   The poor thing finally did manage to take off.

*   *   *


Austin:  You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Me:  What do you mean?

Austin:   You said none of the ducks ever recovered [last week’s blog]

Me:  I thought they didn’t

Austin: No, some of them did.

The Upshot – the blue egret from last week is doing well, as did SOME of the ducks that got sick before.

*    *    *


Me:  Where’s Billy?  [the goat from 24 July]

Austin:   Oh he got well and went home.

Me:  (surprised)  Ha.

2014-08-27 sundried tomatoes 4  R


It’s the end of the tomato season and we bought a crate of tomatoes.  I refused to blanch them for freezing (photos from that in my blog almost exactly one year ago!) – huge bother!   So Akka, God bless him, decided to try sun-drying them.  This was yesterday morning.   They’re on a screen, see their cute shadows!

2014-08-27 sundried tomatoes 5  R

This was yesterday afternoon.    Lovely.  We’ll pop them out for a few more hours of sun today and then they can be stored in much, much, much less space.

2014-08-27 burning 3  R

I took shots of the grasslands being burned this week, only to find out that exactly a year ago (29 August 2013) I covered the burning grasslands as well.   This seems to be scheduled like clockwork!

a 2014-08-25 JuLin dawn at pineapple circle


Ju-lin, a recent guest,  shared her 233 photos from here with me, and agreed that I could post them in my blog.  I chose a handful of my favorites and will share them briefly.   The one above is “dawn at pineapple circle.”

b 2014-08-25 JuLin dawn

Another shot of dawn (I don’t know where exactly)

c 2014-08-25 JuLin morning spider web

Dewy spider web.

d 2014-08-25 JuLin bananas


e 2014-08-25 JuLin papayas


f 2014-08-25 JuLin duck in its outhouse

Goose on a nest.  (Austin tells me that this is the goose who is determined to sit.  LONG story.  Maybe next week.)

h 2014-08-25 JuLin incubator

Austin at the incubator, with eggs hatching in the bottom tray.

j 2014-08-25 JuLin weird flower   Cr

Flower in a tree (I have no idea what it is – very pretty!  I must try to find it!)

k 2014-08-25 JuLin weird fruit

Weird fruit (I have no idea about this one either).

l 2014-08-25 JuLin digging ginger

Monica digging ginger – the observer is Austin’s namesake who was here visiting.

m 2014-08-25 JuLin Kiki & Beamer

The youngest member of our household helping the oldest one to walk around.

n 2014-08-25 JuLin bug

An impressive beetle.

o 2014-08-25 JuLin food

An impressive dinner, starring fish from our pond.

p 2014-08-25 JuLin toadlings

The porch of the cottage at night.

q 2014-08-25 JuLin toadlings   Cr

The stars of the porch stage show.

Thank you, Ju-lin.  It was fun to see our place as you saw it.