25 February 2021

Confession: I spent most of the week trying to catch up on quilting, so I just handed my camera over to Austin. Only two photos were keepers (I mean, do you REALLY want to see our truck in a rain puddle in the driveway? Lordy!)

We have a Hen and Rooster who don’t seem to be keen on each other any more.

And we have a vista Austin remarks on EVERY SINGLE TIME it happens – he loves it. He insisted I put it in the blog. I said it would not come out good in a photo – so HE should take a photo. Y’all can judge:

This is how misty rain shows the mountains outside our kitchen in their different planes. They go 3-D. (It’s a way better photo of it than I could get … but is it GOOD ?)


Happy week, everybody. Next post will be better. I will show the progress on my quilts … WHEE

And to my Baha’i friends: HAPPY AYYAM’-i-HA !!!


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