18 February 2021

Another week, another chance to do better. Frankly, we are all a bit worn out here after two big week-long workshops in less than a month. We decided to postpone the following two workshops until June or so – providing all of us with a needed breather.

Somebody (probably Monica) was gardening, and I found all this beautiful foliage in a wheelbarrow. No idea what it is. The blue plastic underneath I DO recognize: an ice cream tub, no doubt being pressed into service as a planter.

Austin left these eggs in a row for our viewing pleasure

A row of rejects. Too small, too small, has a bump in the shell, too big, and way too big. Plus a fly, for scale. ha ha.

The correct size for an egg to be hatched is this:

Sits just right across my four fingers without hitting the ends. Very scientific.

But back to that way too big reject. It was really an oddball.

Do you see the seam? Looks like a cojoined twin egg. I meant to examine the yolk(s), but somebody cooked with it when I was not around. Sorry. We have had cojoined eggs before so it is not all that rare.

And lovely news on the Fruit Front: Mangosteens galore! Scores of them.

It takes about a decade for the trees to produce, so these are the fruits of patience.



Hope you have a happy week, everybody.


6 thoughts on “18 February 2021

  1. Kim, the eggs reminded me of my grandmother who lived to the age of 115. She prided herself in having chickens that laid blue, brown and green eggs. I know some of the bantams world lay speckled eggs.

    • It is so sweet to think about the grandmothers, Larry. Thank you for sharing. Austin learned everything he knows about chicken rearing from his own grandmothers. If he could get speckled eggs, he would be over the moon.

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