25 February 2021

Confession: I spent most of the week trying to catch up on quilting, so I just handed my camera over to Austin. Only two photos were keepers (I mean, do you REALLY want to see our truck in a rain puddle in the driveway? Lordy!)

We have a Hen and Rooster who don’t seem to be keen on each other any more.

And we have a vista Austin remarks on EVERY SINGLE TIME it happens – he loves it. He insisted I put it in the blog. I said it would not come out good in a photo – so HE should take a photo. Y’all can judge:

This is how misty rain shows the mountains outside our kitchen in their different planes. They go 3-D. (It’s a way better photo of it than I could get … but is it GOOD ?)


Happy week, everybody. Next post will be better. I will show the progress on my quilts … WHEE

And to my Baha’i friends: HAPPY AYYAM’-i-HA !!!


18 February 2021

Another week, another chance to do better. Frankly, we are all a bit worn out here after two big week-long workshops in less than a month. We decided to postpone the following two workshops until June or so – providing all of us with a needed breather.

Somebody (probably Monica) was gardening, and I found all this beautiful foliage in a wheelbarrow. No idea what it is. The blue plastic underneath I DO recognize: an ice cream tub, no doubt being pressed into service as a planter.

Austin left these eggs in a row for our viewing pleasure

A row of rejects. Too small, too small, has a bump in the shell, too big, and way too big. Plus a fly, for scale. ha ha.

The correct size for an egg to be hatched is this:

Sits just right across my four fingers without hitting the ends. Very scientific.

But back to that way too big reject. It was really an oddball.

Do you see the seam? Looks like a cojoined twin egg. I meant to examine the yolk(s), but somebody cooked with it when I was not around. Sorry. We have had cojoined eggs before so it is not all that rare.

And lovely news on the Fruit Front: Mangosteens galore! Scores of them.

It takes about a decade for the trees to produce, so these are the fruits of patience.



Hope you have a happy week, everybody.


4 February 2021

I never told you what happened to our truck that lost gears 3 and 4. Turns out that is a MAJOR problem. We were told to expect it to take 2 1/2 months – what with shipping delays and all.

Luckily, somebody sourced a good used gearbox.

Here is our trusty beast carrying a load of jungcao – China Miracle Grass. It is used for growing edible and medicinal mushrooms. Akka and Lemeki were taking it up top to get mulched.

This is the fun woodchipper machine from a grant – just acquired this week. Sorry I couldn’t get a photo with the plume of chips… oh well.

I called Austin to get the name of that grass – and he got all excited. The jungcao grass – once it’s been shredded – gets REALLY HOT, unlike all the other plants they’ve shredded so.far.

What’s up.with that ?


Happy week, everybody !!!