21 January 2021

Well, the new curtains are up.

And the 10 participants for our first ever Rural Homestay Tourism course have arrived.

Here they are with Monica, having class under my laundry because it started raining. I’ll take a better group photo before they leave – just wanted you to have a peek at things in progress this week.

Meanwhile in the kitchen:

Ashmita and Vina – kitchen ladies. (Warms your heart, doesn’t it ?!)


And NOT in the kitchen

The cats have been relocated to the room where we keep the chickies for sale. Therefore

We started putting chicken wire over the boxes when we had some larger birds that wanted to fly out. Then it seemed a good idea for protecting chicks from potential rats at night. Suddenly, it became imperative for 24 hour use as a domestic predator deterrent. Even so, Casper was found on top of the wire of one of the boxes, trying to push it down. and find a way in. Smarty pants.

Anyhow, we have to relocate Casper back to the kitchen because last night Austin saw evidence of the truth of the old saying, “When the cat’s away, the mice …..”

We have essential oil spray bottles ready and hope to teach this “teenage” cat a new trick of NOT jumping on the counters or table. Wish us luck.


And to round off the week (and our waistlines) – Austin made hominy to show off at the workshop. For lunch today he put it into Vina’s spicy fish and coconut cream soup.

It is yummy delicious. Yum yum yum.


Happy week, everybody.


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