14 January 2021

FLORA – because it’s a weekly promise. Cheerful hibiscus in the sun.

Also coconuts…

…for the upcoming workshop. Kiki wanted me to get a photo. He was so proud.. He helped Junia with all the husking.

Farewell to Team CLEAN – who were just amazing.

I told them to put us down as references on any job applications. You can see for yourself – unfortunately I did not take any “before” photos – but those of you who have been here probably remember some of the “before”

front of house
side of house
pool compund
orchid house
pizza shed

And I took these photos this morning – five days since they left!

FAUNA – because it is the other weekly promise

I have no idea who this is. …. um, posting for a friend.

And So …

Deterrent for kitties going under our sink to poo Putting a mesh barrier rather than cabinet doors was the result of a LOT of discussion. Some people wanted cabinet doors – some people objected to the way closed cabinets end up yucky. Someone had the idea of a grid that lets the air flow but is a barrier. Someone else said “That’s ugly.”



The next project is more curtains for all the cabinets. There was only 10.25 meters of the only cloth Monica and I were both happy with – I’d planned to buy 11m. Hmmph. Getting it divided among the 11 curtains that need to made was a real puzzle. I was quite happy with the solution. Pinning at every cut point with tags before making the first cut. I’d never done that before. I re-tagged that cloth THREE times before I finally got it right.

Here it is mid-process. They have been cut now, and I’ll start sewing them up tomorrow.


Happy week, Everybody.


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