31 December 2020

What a year – and now we are at its close.

Here is a map of our place – Teitei Livelihoods Centre – up-to-date on the buildings, and even up-to-date on functions if Austin and I consider ourselves “caretakers.”

And I have a story without a photo. Our truck lost gears 3 and 4, so using gears 1, 2 and 5 Akka drove it to the mechanic, and we are all on foot now. Yesterday afternoon Austin and I were walking to a home a kilometer away for a small gathering – as we reached the end of our road we heard rain POURING down on the temple just 10 meters up hill – but we were completely dry. As we got out to the main road, the rain continued POUNDING on the temple’s tin roof,and we were still dry. A hundred meters up the road, rain was getting DUMPED all over a tractor and driver. It was like a cartoon – a completely individual downpour – except the cloud was higher and not distinct. Just amazing.

Then Austin yelled, “It’s coming our way – RUN!” So we trotted. The rain got us a bit, then backed off, then got us a little more, then quit. It felt a lot like our 2020.


May 2021 be wonderful for all y’all.

Loving best wishes from all of us at Teitei.


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