24 December 2020

We will rebuild. (This was the worst of the wind damage.)

And we will mop. This is a bit of rain slipping in where we had not put up storm boards.

We were blessed to have dodged the TC Yasa bullet, and feel very sad for those who were in its path. A small consolation is that people took this storm seriously and there were not so many deaths – four compared to 40+ from TC Winston.


Then it was my birthday. I got the best birthday cake ever and the best present ever. Neither are so photogenic, but I LOVED them.

A beautiful fruit salad of pineapple, mango and passion fruilt. Monica and her cousin REALLY cleaned my front porch and finished shelling all that blasted corn – in other words, the present was “a fresh start for Mom”



A few days ago we had a bit of windy rain. I looked out and thought this was cute

All the geese have their noses to the wind.

I swore I was not going to post any more evidence for un-neutered pets, but Austin wanted photos of this pup who a friend in Suva might want.

Cutie-patootee. His current name is “Digger”

Finally – Austin is yelling “PHOTO” – something I am obliged to some come see.

At this point I’m unimpresseded. “Look closer”

Ok – it looks like something.

WOW – a beautiful butterfly with it’s wings down. If Dr. Smary is correct, it is a newborn resting.


Merry Christmas, everybody. See you on New Year’s Eve!


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