10 December 2020

I promised a friend some chicken pictures this week, but it was rainy a lot and I didn’t get any further than the nursery.

Here are chicks one week apart in age

“born yesterday” beside a big “born last week”

You can easily tell which chick was born yesterday. They lose their fluffiness after a couple of days, but the big one is a bit more bedraggled than he has to be.

drown-proof water bowl

This is how we teach everyone to make waterbowls for the chicks: put rocks in the bowl so the chicks can’t end up inside (they can’t swim) and so that the bowl can’t get knocked over, and do not fill it to the top. However…..

first cousins who really know how to play

…when there are ducklings with the chicks – that water bowl gets turned into a bird bath, no matter how carefully you keep the water level “just right”


When the chainsaw was out getting that bougainvillea bush, someone also cut down a sandalwood tree that was close to the house. It’s about ten years old I think. Surprise!

heart of sandalwoo

It has a huge core of fragrant heartwood!

Junia did the financial calculations of sandalwood vs. coconut trees a year or two ago. Coconut trees take 5 years to bear fruit and give so many nuts per year – that can be turned into food,or oil plus chicken feed and other products. Sandalwoods take 20 years to be ready for havest and can be sold for thousands of dollars per tree. At twenty years, one cocunut tree has provided more income than the cash bonanza of one sandalwood. Surprise.

We will still keep both…. we like the idea of some trees as a savings account.


Austin is off to Plantation again, and there is a cyclone predicted to pass by the neighborhood on Tuesday. Here is hoping that we don’t get any excitement when Granddaddy is not here to “enjoy” it with us.

Happy week, everybody.


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