19 November 2020

Where the “past” lives on. The hearse is the strong shoulders of the tallest men. A slow and dignified walk through the village. All are comfortably quiet. A cloud of love walks with us.

Before we had some prayers and eulogies.

Soon we will inter the body and casket.

Then we will share lunch and visiting.

This funeral was remarkably peaceful because the beloved one who has “graduated” was an incredibly gentle, peaceful, kindly soul – my son-in-law’s father, Frank Isaac Whippy.. Such an angel.

Go forth in joy, Frank. We love you.


Have a blessed week, everybody.


5 thoughts on “19 November 2020

    • Right. However if there is ever any community spread, my daughter-in-law, housekeeper and I are ready to roll out a few you-tube tutorials in English, Fijian and Hindi on how to make, use and launder homemade masks. Plus there are masks back in the shops for purchase. We’ll do our best to get them in general usage if there is ever a need. Love love

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