22 October 2020

Yesterday I had NOTHING in my camera – so I took my walk with an eye for anything of interest. Found this flower:

an afternoon smile

It’s sweet. I have no idea what it IS, but what the hey – it’s Flora!

Then I saw THIS – at quite a distance for these old eyes:

a valley “eagle” has landed

I liked this because it reminded me of the eagle on top of a grave that is special to me:

Grave of Shoghi Effendi in London. (stock photo)

And then I hit the JACKPOT (for me) – somthing actually interesting that I’d never seen before – a goat being tethered by its horns!

the non-choke rope

Earlier in the week we had a party to celebrate a Baha’i Holy Day.

Monica getting kids ready for their “item”

Normally I wouldn’t mention it, because this is not that blog – however, the celebration had a pertinent, unanticipated consequence. One set of guests did not arrive alone.

Bingo saw that Rocky is gone – so Bingo is back.

A final look at my week from this morning – the insane world of Feedbag String.

Two days worth of string – twelve strings from six bags. Austin promises the feed usage will go down. He will thin the flock. Lots of roosters for sale.


Happy week, everybody.


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