15 October 2020


Surely many loyal readers have been rooting for the naughty dog. He got naughtier. Akka and Monica let him go for a short run, and he ended up killing a GOOSE. Nica and I were going to Suva the next day, and so we planned to take him to SPCA where he would be neutered and adopted by a good family. Not such a happy life for a country dog, but what could we do?

Rocky did not improve on the ride. He filled the cab of our pickup with such noxious gases that the passenger nearly puked and the driver nearly passed out. Monica saw some people on the road with a dog – maybe they would want another. Turned out it was someody she knew, and it was obvious they didn’t want another dog.

I told her, “It has to be men with at least two dogs already.” Just a few kilometers down the road Monica pointed – “THERE are two men with two dogs!” My eyes aren’t that good. When I finally saw them, I sighed – “I wish they were on our side of the road.” I started slowinig down, and with a quarter kilometer still to reach them … they started crossing to our side! As I got near, the two dogs were STILL in the road, right at the speed bump.

Monica rolled down her window and called out greetings in Fijian. The fellows faces lit up when they spotted Rocky. A bunch of stuff was said that my “Fijian word of the week” was useless for. Nica told me they were super happy. Yes, they wanted Rocky – they couldn’t believe it.

Did we have a rope? No? Wait, I’ll go get one.

One fellow ran off. Monica and Rocky got out of the car. Rocky and the other two well-fed, healthy-looking dogs sniffed each other peaceably. The fellow came back a only few minutes later on horseback. “We’ll only tie him for a few days so he knows his home.”

They need him for HUNTING WILD PIGS . Oh happy, happy!

Rocky’s Lucky Day



The tenth of October is the anniversary of Fiji’s independence from the British Empire. For this FIFTIETH anniversary, the Fiji Mint put out a new fifty cent coin, and a new fifty dollar bill.

50 cents for 50 years



So we were in Suva and went to the big store. Monica was staring at this door.

Staff party behind closed doors

Bunches of naked pink pork legs sticking up out of a basin. Time to par-tay!


Happy week, Everybody.


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