1 October 2020

Kids in the neighborhood

I saw these little guys on my walk yesterday. Are they cute or what! Identical twin kids.


Patiently waiting

You may have trouble guessing what this is. It is MOCA (mo-tha) – local amaranth that grows as a weed and is a delicious spinach-like veggie. I’ve shown you moca before, you already knew that (or didn’t care) – I was just joking. Where the moca is growing is in Austin’s stalled project … a water slide. Carpenter had to take a few weeks off. This project is taking for-ev-er. I hope it will be worth it when it’s done.


water hyacinths

Meanwhile, Austin brought up these water hyacinths to save them. The geese have eaten them up, the sheep love them, and so do chickens. Some day we will be purifying the swimming pool water and producing a lot of animal chow at the same time.


butterfly leaves

Akka sent me this photo. A plant Monica put in the living room has leaves like butterflies. He said when the leaves are open it is like a clover – so it’s a clover. Austin butted in – “it’s not a clover, it is “oxallis”!

So this morning I went to get a photo of this overlooked-by-me plant.

Oxalis by day

Here it is. Son of a gun – guess what I just learned on Google – One, “oxalis” has only one L in its name, and Two – it is a SHAMROCK! Gee whiz.


Akka up a tree

The lump up this tree is Akka, doing the old shakey-shakey-shakey to get the tamarinds out. Not many fell. They dry on the tree and shake out easily once fully mature.

Ladies on the roof

Arti and Vina went up on the roof to pluck tamarinds directly from the branch. At the end there were not so many, so they gave them all to me.

Tamarind drying

This is it. The tree has about 100 times this much, if we can just get it out before the afternoon rains cause the pods to mold.


At least daily I hear myself yelp with pain.

Sample scratch

Austin says his legs have gotten all scratched up too – especially one night when he was in a two hour zoom meeting. This is why.

Sylvester and Casper


Happy week, Everybody. 🙂


2 thoughts on “1 October 2020

  1. Your little guy are really cute. As are the cats.
    Tamarind always reminds me on a Chili-Tamarind dish with Tofu they have at the Thai restaurant across the street. It is so good…

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