24 September 2020

Forget the Flora this week, folks – it’s all Fauna: Canis lupus familiaris.

First off – Bingo disappeared a few weeks ago. I didn’t want to say anything, because it doesn’t look good to lose a dog, and because Austin wouldn’t be THAT farmer anymore (you know, there was a farmer had a dog….). Bittersweetly, Bingo did reappear, but it was never the same.

In the meantime two things happened. ONE – it rained, and all the Bingo-smell was gone. and TWO – Monica brought her dog from Suva.

He is named “Raki” for Rakiraki (rah-kee-rah-kee), the town he comes from – but it sounds like “Rocky” to me – and that’s the name I’m sticking with. Here is Rocky playing with Jumper. Rocky is small but scrappy.

Winky went to her beauty parlor for a new look.

A cow-pie dye job or something. Rocky approved.

Around this time Bingo showed up for some good Teitei chow. No luck. Rocky ran him off, and his two old girlfriends did nothing to stop it. So long, Bingo – there’s a new stud in town.

The only thing not-to-like about Rocky was the midnight serenades. Tarsi used to bark all night about nothing, and we’d gotten used to peace at night since she died. No more. Rocky is a crooner. He really earns the “lupus” part of his Latin name. Ar-Roooooooooo. Ar-rooooooooo. And of course all the other dogs here join in once he starts. Other than that, Rocky was a sweetie.

Then yesterday, I walk over to this:

What is this? Two dead juveniles. Akka told me Rocky got them.

And that was only the beginning of a killing spree.

Jumper, the opportunist, was caught eating one of Rocky’s victims. By noon, Rocky had killed at least five.

We called Monica, who is in Suva this week. She said we can give him away.

For now, Rocky is in the doghouse, metaphorically. We don’t have any real doghouse.

He’s on a rope. Looking contrite. Waiting for sentencing.

I like Rocky. The plan was that he would live over on the site where Akka and Monica will be building. I hope he can be rehabbed. We’ll see.


Arts and Crafts Corner. My neighbor wants me to teach her how to knit. I made some samples of different stitches I know, got curious, went on you-tube, found a heap more stitches. The lace was clunky with yarn, so I decided to try it with feedbag string. Ta Da!


Happy Week, Everybody.


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