17 September 2020

OY – a day late and a dollar short, again! So it is “17 September” YOUR time….. I got tied up in Suva. But don’t want to miss blogging this week because I have INTERESTING Flora and INTERESTING Fauna to share.

The Flora … a new fruit:

“Chocolate pudding” fruit. Now ripe.

It is DELICIOUS! The texture is just like pudding. The flavor is gently sweet – a bit like dates, even a hint of chocolate.

Funny – the Fijian name is sapote (sa-PO-tay) which is a whole lot like sapota (sa-PO-tuh) which means “underwear” Do I need to say more?


The Fauna … another HUGE mongoose

Austin is sure that this is a completely different species of mongoose. It’s not only bigger, it also acts really different. It is very calm and does not hiss at us. Monica wanted to keep it for a pet, but it had already eaten six goose eggs at least, and Austin was determined to get rid of it. “How about seeing if Kula Eco Park wants it?” I asked.

In June 2019 Austin got a huge one like this and Kula Eco Park took it. He didn’t think they’d want another – but he called and they said yes.

Turns out the older giant mongoose is a female, and Giant Mongoose 2020 is a male. This boy is more than 2 feet long (650 cm+) and weighs at least 3 Kg (7 pounds). He is like a huge housecat. This is one time that everybody wins on the outcome. Yay!


Dry weather, ponds going down, so time to harvest the tilapia/malea.

Harvesting was fun and muddy work. Some of the fish are for the table. The rest are in my swimming pool again.



I saw some old potato sack in the hatchery and decided to try embroidery with the feedbag strings.

This was the best of the efforts. Austin’s comment: “That will make nice smoke for the bees.” Turns out the burlap’s purpose is to feed the bee smoker. Ha.


Happy week, everybody.


6 thoughts on “17 September 2020

  1. A lady farmer sells the sapote, or chocolate persimmon, here. She also makes a brownie using it instead of chocolate. It is pretty good – milder than chocolate, bit she uses less sugar – maybe coconut sugar? I forget. She is a good baker

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