10 September 2020

Monday was a public holiday and some of us decided to go to the river for a picnic. The nice shallow swimming spot was too sunny, but one of our friends said we could walk across and it’s shady on the other side. She was right.

Looking upstream.

Kids play on the sand bank.
Looking downstream. What is that on the far bank?
Laundry day at the river.
Farmer with bullocks – emply sledge, he has already dropped off his bags of corn.

Fun time in a place that is not so modernized yet.


Monica caught this photo of a cactus flower on the path to the pavilion.

Look quick!

By the time I went up to see it, it was gone.


Nicole and baby went to visit her parents – and she came back with …..

celery grows here ?!!



Ok, Akka is Smarty Pants Jr. …. those WERE ducks last week, not geese. White muscovy ducks. I was wrong. (I would have known the difference in person … and I didn’t know we have white ducks. Well, now I know.)


Happy week, everybody.


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