3 September 2020

Wow – the date matches YOUR calendar instead of mine (across the date line) this week. Reason: the power was out yesterday, and then the internet was still down for a few hours after the power came back on. Excuses, excuses.

I’m uninspired – but luckily Akka is.

He sent me these cocks squaring off:

Feathers are about to fly.

Looks like a big fight was about to happen. But what really happened is that one rooster chose to de-escalate matters by pretending to eat. ha ha.

Now that Akka is doing most of the chicken feeding, he is getting kind of fond of the birds. This one is his favorite because of the way the wings sweep up and back (most unusual).

Extra proud posture!

He calls him Wings.

And Akka shot over this photo which he identified as “two white ducks that are always together.”

Best buds – whatever species they are.

I’m pretty sure that it is a pair of ganders. Dr. Smarty Pants will let us know when he sees the blog.

Speaking of which – Dr. Smarty Pants gave me corrections that I never put in for a few weeks back. They were for this photo:

two “turka” chicks

The two “full-blood” naked neck chicks. Only the one on the right is truly “full-blood”; the one on the left is “half blood.” And the bulge in their necks is that their “crops” are full. (The crop is where food sits for awhile on its way to the gizzard.)


Oh, Dr. Smarty Pants – he really does keep busy! Right now he is getting quotes from businesses with diggers because he landed a government grant for fish ponds! Akka and Monica are going to be raising some gigantic tilapia – as high quality Fish Food is part of the grant. The idea is that people raise the first batch of tilapia with government help, and then reserve part of the fish sales to pay for the high quality food for the next batch of fish. Grow, sell, repeat. If we can make this work, we can pass it on!


Happy week, Everybody.


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