20 August 2020

Drat, drat, drat – WordPress has made a bunch of new features mandatory. Not great for elderly bloggers. This MAY be my swan song.

I totally forget what photos I just formatted and what the flip I was planning to tell you about! Arrgh. Let’s take a look.


Well, Akka sent me a bunch of photos. Here is what he found interesting:

A good looking chick with interesting coloration. He says he knows it is a rooster because of the comb. I don’t see a comb, but anyhoo.

A couple of pure blood turka chicks. Turka is like “turkey” or “Turkish” – neither of which makes any sense. Turka is the naked neck chickens. Akka especially liked the little one on the right with just 2 feathers on its neck.

A hen having a bad day. (I know the feeling.)

Ducks hitting the water bowl – it was EMPTY – when Akka showed up with water. He stopped to take this photo, and THEN put water into this bowl. Ha ha

And a flower that is usually red, but is now yellow – lack of rain or what?

Last one from Akka – I was there.

My lap with chickies. Monday morning Austin was going to Suva, but he discovered that the hatcher had gotten way too hot. Chickies were dying – it was baaaaaaaad. About a dozen were Gone, about five dozen rallied quickly, and about two dozen were in limbo. I brought most of them to the living room and tried keeping them awake and breathing. About half of them made it. Whew.


The market is full of fresh veggies. Yum.

They are also selling reusable vegetable-shopping bags made out of old feed sacks.


And my very happy news of the week. Austin went to Suva for a ceremony

… because

… he got a great GRANT.

Work ahead for Monica and me 🙂 Details to come as it all unfolds.


Happy week, everybody.


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