13 August 2020

I took coconuts for planting over to one friend’s house and his mother asked if I’d like some tomatoes.  “Sure,” I said,  “some rejects.”  I figured she’d give me a dozen or so.  She gave me ….

2020-08-13 tomatoes from Vinita R

a CRATE full!   “Be sure to bring my crate back,” is all she said.


More in this generous spirit – Ashmita came this morning with a container of sweets she’d made.

2020-08-13 sweets from Ashmita R

Yum.  The round balls on the left are called suji laddoo – that is laddoo made with semolina.  They are Austin’s favorites.


Ashmita is here because we have HOMESTAY GUESTS for the first time since covid.  (They came in as crew on a yacht.)  It is SO NICE to have guests.

2020-08-12 guest and husking of drinking coconut Cr

Akka was showing how to husk a drinking coconut.


Daisy delivered another litter.  Three little kittens.

2020-08-12 three little kittens Cr

Don’t say it:  I know.  I’ll take her off to get spayed once the kittens are big enough. (or at least I’ll never publish news of another litter – ha ha).


I had some friends here for tea yesterday.  Had to show the kittens off.  Lanieta said she has been wanting a cat.  Didn’t want to wait for these kittens to get big.  Was really serious about wanting a cat – Buttercup was not too big.

2020-08-12 bye bye Buttercup Cr

So yesterday, Lanieta took Buttercup.

I drove them home, carried Buttercup into the house.  Had Buttercup sit on my lap, which she’ll do in the evening for hours if I let her.  After about 10 minutes, Buttercup crawled off my lap and started exploring the room.  She didn’t want to get back on my lap, so I figure she liked it there.

Lanieta’s family has only one dog that is well controlled.   So there is a good chance it will all work out well for Buttercup.


Follow up on the changes to Sigatoka town.  There is parking where the tracks were.  Hooray for more parking.

2020-08-07 removed tracks now parking R

Our truck is the first one.  🙂


Happy week, everybody.



2 thoughts on “13 August 2020

  1. Sweet post this week.. small correction. Daisy wasn’t to “big” to give away the fact is she wasn’t to small. Hug hug. ❤

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