2 July 2020

This is a gross-out week – but I’ll start off tame 🙂

2020-06-26 farmer Akka Monica Keith  Cr.jpg

Family at work.

2020-07-01 cucumber harvest R

Already a harvest (Granddaddy’s cucumbers).


And I’m not saying any more about Po’s puppies, because I don’t want to get attached – we will not be keeping any of them.  But I will introduce the Baby Daddy, I mean PUPPY Daddy.

2020-07-02 Bingo  Cr.jpg

He is “Bingo” – was our neighbor’s dog, but he decided he likes it here better and he won’t go home.  He’s kind of a sweetie.


We have a new toy tool: a long handled axe.  Keeping Kiki away from it is a challenge.

2020-07-01 Axe for coconuts Cr

Akka’s using it to open coconuts for the chickens – says it is a real improvement.


Okay – we are going to gently start our slide into the less palatable.  More on MOTHS.  Austin was dissatisfied with my photo of our nightime moth invasion last week so I gave him my camera.

This was a pretty little moth.

2020-06-27 moths by Austin 2 Cr

Here was a committee meeting of diverse moths.

2020-06-27 moths by Austin 3 Cr

And here is a close up of what much of it looked like to me.

2020-06-27 moths by Austin 1 Cr


As luck would have it, we had flying clusters of moths in the daytime a few days later.  The moth clouds did not photograph well, but here they are settled on a branch.

2020-07-01 moths by Austin 4 daytime  Cr.jpg


And now to yuckiest photo of the week – I apologize – just giving you a tiny cropped bit of it.

2020-07-01 maggots in a nutshell Cr

Maggots in a coconut.  Turns out this is pretty common.  EWW.   These were strange because they were blue and green.  Anyway, the odd color maggots led to a big discussion of how the flies could get eggs into there … but what wasn’t said, but what I’m thinking is “chicken food with a bonus.”   (I’m so glad I’m not a chicken!)


The rest would be FINE – if I could just resist doing a Fiji language lesson.

Kiki had a job pulling a certain kind of weed.

2020-07-01 deni vuaka 1  R.jpg

Turns out this weed is called deni vuaka  (DEH-nee  VWA-ka).  Vuaka  means “pig”.  ok.   Deni means “poopoo of”.  ok.  So deni vuaka  means “pig poo”  Odd name for a plant, and I asked how it got that name.  The answer I got had absolutely NOTHING to do with its name.

“Deni vuaka was my TOOTHBRUSH,” Monica gushed.  “When I was a child, we all had to go and pull out a deni vuaka and scrub our teeth with the stem.”

2020-07-01 deni vuaka 2 CrInset

“When we used the deni vuaka with charcoal, our teeth were super white.”

While brushing teeth with plants and charcoal has a wonderful back-to-nature appeal, saying this all with the English name of the plant is just plain yucky.

(I was thinking “roots” and Monica corrected it to “stems” – hence the photo that does not exactly fit the text.  oops)


One morning Akka and I were headed out the driveway with Bingo running in front of us.  Akka turned to me and said,

“Dad is That Farmer now.”

“What farmer?”

“There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name.”


Happy week, Everybody.








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