11 June 2020

I’m on “holiday” – at Plantation Island Resort again.  No guests.  Just a team of staff getting the place ready to reopen whenever that day comes.  Austin and the two coral gardener girls are moving the coral nurseries to a better location where they should not need maintenance.

Here is Austin:

2020-06-08 covid hair Austin Cr

“Covid hair” – ha ha ha.  The real joke is that covid is no excuse.  The only person who cuts his hair is his wife and she lives with him.  Ha ha ha.  (Maybe when we get home…)

Ok – so here is a pretty flower. Hibiscus tiliaceus.

2020-06-08 hibiscus tilaceos on tree Cr

On the tree/bush it is yellow.

2020-06-08 hibiscus tilaceos on ground R

When it falls to the ground, it turns a beautiful red-brown.

More than just another pretty face Hibiscus tiliaceus provides inner bark that becomes the “grass” of grass skirts.  Known as “vau” in Fijian, this plant and fiber is widely used as twine – when it is green, it is impossible to break.

Last shot for the week

2020-06-08 Security Kim Cr

Believe it or not, I got pulled into work as a security guard, complete with vest and walkie-talkie.  My job was to remind  visiting fisherman not to come on shore.


Happy week, everybody.


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