25 June 2020

If you are looking for plants, this is not your week.  All I have is animals and more animals….


Austin got a new chicken coloration that he loves –

2020-06-20 penguin style chick  Cr.jpg


2020-06-20 penguin & stripey style Cr

Here is that chick next to a stripey one, with somebody else’s head sticking out.


Austin took me to the new fenced chicken yard to see his triple-blood hybrid, but I cannot pick that bird out of the crowd – so we’ll see him another time.  Meanwhile, Austin also wanted to show the size difference in his chickens that have the “Kabeer” blood.

2020-06-20 that Kabeer blood 1  Cr.jpg

We could not get a good photo of them in his arms.  So Austin wanted me to show them from a different angle.

2020-06-20 that Kabeer blood 2 Cr

Big Foot and Little (no-Kabeer) Cousin.

And here is a photo of the new fencing around this chicken pen.

2020-06-20 chicken fence old terraces  R.jpg

It is on the terraces.  Austin is always trying something new.  A funny challenge from fencing on terraces is that the lowest side is fairly easy to hop over.  Adjustments are needed.



We have been surprised at the huge number of moths appearing on our ceiling in the lounge every night.

2020-06-23 moths galore Cr

At first they were congregating around the tube lights – with a strong preference for the yellower ones.  But then they were just spreading out across the ceiling.  As we tried to figure out why, we noticed something:

No Geckos!

What happened to the geckos?

(Could the boric acid Austin put out to kill the invasive ants have hurt our suction-cup-footed friends?)



Way back when we had to get Po’s tail amputated, we did not get her spayed because she’d had a litter of four pups followed by a litter of one, so we figured she was going through menopause.  And yes, she did have a litter since that time, but I still kind of forgot.  Then Po got “fat” again…

2020-06-24 Po delivery room R

Here is the hole that she dug for her delivery room.

2020-06-24 Po plus eight R

Here she is, moved to the old cabin, with the EIGHT survivors, from her litter of ELEVEN.  Oh Lordy.

Does one of the eight look a bit “different” to you?

We got a Green Pup!

2020-06-24 Po's green pup 1 Cr

And it case you think it is a trick of the light, here it is again with a flash on.

2020-06-24 Po's green pup 2 Cr

So she isn’t the greenest pup ever, but “green puppy” is a Google-able condition – generally attributed to staining from meconium (baby poo).

I think we are going to have to take Po to the vet once these pups are weaned.  Enough is enough already!


Happy week, everybody.



18 June 2020

I stepped out from my porch, and the overgrown bougainvillea bush was nearly all trimmed.  “Wait!,” I said to Monica, “I want to get a photo.”   But by the time I grabbed my camera, she had already finished lopping off all the long hanging branches.

2020-06-17 at work Monica bougainvillea R

And she wasn’t the only one working hard.

2020-06-17 at work Kiki bougainvillea Cr

How did Kiki get big enough to work a wheelbarrow by himself?


Just after that, when dumping the branches, they found the biggest most orange spider they’d ever seen.

2020-06-17 big orange spider Cr

Sorry it is fuzzy.   I wonder what is the white stuff on the belly.  Ewwww.


Austin got all excited about a group of Fijian doves that settled on our power line one afternoon.  There were a dozen or more.

2020-06-16 Fiji doves SOQEI on power line Cr

They are called soqei (song-gay).  These birds love to eat wild chillies, and their meat is spicy-hot for those who eat them, so I hear.   Around our place, they eat the moringa leaves when they come to visit.


Daisy was playing with a skink … and got as tired out as he did.

2020-06-17 Daisy and skink napping Cr


The coconut sombrero –

2020-06-17 at work Monica bougainvillea - funny hat Cr

not the best head cover for a man with a bald spot.  Ha ha.


Happy week, everybody.


11 June 2020

I’m on “holiday” – at Plantation Island Resort again.  No guests.  Just a team of staff getting the place ready to reopen whenever that day comes.  Austin and the two coral gardener girls are moving the coral nurseries to a better location where they should not need maintenance.

Here is Austin:

2020-06-08 covid hair Austin Cr

“Covid hair” – ha ha ha.  The real joke is that covid is no excuse.  The only person who cuts his hair is his wife and she lives with him.  Ha ha ha.  (Maybe when we get home…)

Ok – so here is a pretty flower. Hibiscus tiliaceus.

2020-06-08 hibiscus tilaceos on tree Cr

On the tree/bush it is yellow.

2020-06-08 hibiscus tilaceos on ground R

When it falls to the ground, it turns a beautiful red-brown.

More than just another pretty face Hibiscus tiliaceus provides inner bark that becomes the “grass” of grass skirts.  Known as “vau” in Fijian, this plant and fiber is widely used as twine – when it is green, it is impossible to break.

Last shot for the week

2020-06-08 Security Kim Cr

Believe it or not, I got pulled into work as a security guard, complete with vest and walkie-talkie.  My job was to remind  visiting fisherman not to come on shore.


Happy week, everybody.


4 June 2020

Flora – not this week.  Fauna – Yes !!!

Akka’s having to take care of the chickens while Austin is off, taking care of the corals.   He sent me the photo of this “interesting” rooster.

2020-05-30 Akka's rooster Cr

The dude has a “rose” comb (rare),  has a naked neck (rare), and is BIG – has some of the Kabeer bloodline.  So this fellow is a super-hybrid from the farm.


Also in caring for the chickens, Akka made another discovery and sent the photos.

2020-06-01 Lamb 1 Cr

An oddball among the geese.

2020-06-01 Lamb 5 Cr


2020-06-01 Lamb 2 Cr

Lamb Chop, Junior!


No photo of this one:  while Akka was in charge of the chickens, I was in charge of the chicks – 55 of them – in a box on my porch.  When I got home from shopping the number looked small.   There were exactly 24 chicks there.   I thought ( hoped ) that Akka or Junia had sold the others, leaving two dozen for the next buyer.  But Nope…..  Some dog must have gotten on the porch and enjoyed a $75 dollar snack. …..   AY!   Live and learn.


Since we can now enjoy gatherings of up to 20 people, we were able to have the ladies over for morning tea.  Turns out that more than anything, they just wanted to LAUGH – so Monica got out the “Headbanz” game.   Guess what you are (what your picture is) using yes-no questions.   Hilarious!


Happy week, everybody.