16 April 2020

2020-04-11 Lake Sigatoka  R.jpg

Lake Sigatoka, as my son Akka calls it.  Most people call it the Parking Lot.


It’s kind of a sign how things are going here.  We still don’t have power, still limping along with a generator.  Lots of people have generators – a neighbor is in charge of pumping the water.


Austin went on a campaign to rid the houses of the invasive ants.2020-04-10 Ant control  R.jpg

Tiny toxic Lake Austin.  The next day, Austin proclaimed, “I’ve killed TONS of ants.”  Ha ha ha.  I told him I doubted he’d killed even two ounces of ants.  But he had killed thousands.  Tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands after a few days.

Altogether there was probably less than a cup full, and probably less than three ounces of weight … but there were sooooooooooo many little specks of ant.  I am still sweeping up the signs of success.


Keeping busy here

2020-04-11 cocoa harvest  R.jpg

Cocoa pods are ripe.

2020-04-13 cocoa production  R.jpg

Akka and son Kiki are starting chocolate production again. \


My favorite moment in the neighborhood was close to sunset a few days ago.  I went to visit my friend Lallee, and she had some agitator rigged up.2020-04-09 Lallee's churn 2  R.jpg

“What’s that?”  I asked her, “Your washing machine?”

“No,” she replied. “I’m making ghee.”

2020-04-09 Lallee's churn 1  R.jpg

It’s a Fiji churn!


Happy week, everybody.

Here’s hoping for electricity!



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