9 April 2020

Good Riddance, HAROLD – the hurricane that passed by yesterday morning.

At its height Austin saw roofing irons flying across fields to our north toward our hill.  (For those who know the neighborhood:  our guess is Brother Rao’s porch or chicken pen – and part of it landed in Uncle Jeswant’s coconuts)

Here are a few photos from our farm.

Austin told me that the gate had flown open during the storm and tore one side off its hinges…

2020-04-08 post Harold 1 gate  Cr.jpg


I do a walkabout.  Trees on their sides, branches torn off …. and then I see (oh ugh)

2020-04-08 post Harold 2 nursery  Cr.jpg

the orchid house:  sticking out beam, and unstitched down the middle with the two pieces of shade cloth flapping separately.   Re-stitching may be a job I can do.

Up the hill – did Akka’s little cabin survive?

2020-04-08 post Harold 3 cabin  R.jpg

Yes!  By my, isn’t the porch clean.   I wonder if there had been anything on it.

2020-04-08 post Harold 4 chair  R.jpg

OH MY – Jerry’s old chair.  Pinned under big broken branches of the vaivai tree.  That’s called a rain tree in Hawaii.

And out to the end of the hill I go – to see if we are at risk for flood.

2020-04-08 post Harold 5 river  Cr.jpg

The neighbor’s fields are filling with water.  I can see the river.

I hope the water does not rise further.


This morning:    The river has gone down.  In the valley we are without power.  The neighborhood water tank emptied a few hours after we opened it after the storm, because there is some leak somewhere (darn it), but at least we all have full rain barrels.   The telecom towers seem to still be functioning, and our family can get an bit of time here and there by putting a phone on the car battery and creating a hotspot.  It could be way worse.



Happy week, everybody.




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