2 April 2020

If I had gotten the blog out this MORNING – my story of this photo would still be true:

2020-04-01 gray days  Cr.jpg

My story: it is gray here, and has been gray ever since we got back on 18 March.  Actually, the sun came out for an hour this afternoon, and is peeking out a little now and then.  But the photo story is still largely true.  It makes drying the clothes difficult.


“Bad news” on the kittens.  They all have names.  It will be really hard to give them away now.

Buttercup is the girl and looks like her mum, Daisy.  (sorry about the poor photo, but you can see her colors well)

2020-04-01 Buttercup  Cr.jpg

Shadow was named by Kiki – he is Kiki’s favorite.

2020-04-01 Shadow  Cr.jpg

And Marshmallow got his name from Granddaddy because of the color of his ears.

2020-04-01 Marshmallow  Cr.jpg

Oh boy.


I went down to the pool.  I got some surprises.

Rakesh is working on building the deck to the cottage.

2020-04-01 deck in progress  R.jpg

There is FOOD growing in the pool enclosure – those greens are “moca” (MO-tha) – amaranth leaves, yummy like spinach.

2020-04-01 pool moca  R.jpg

The pool is full of green water, but it is swimmable – as Kiki is demonstrating.

2020-04-01 pool - swimmable and project in progress  Cr.jpg

Behind him is another crazy project Granddaddy has going on.  I’ll share photos when it gets finished.


Some really good news today.  After years of waiting for coconuts from Taveuni for a coconut restoration project (they were ordered before Cyclone Winston – so it’s been more than 4 years) …  TODAY Austin got the first batch.

2020-04-02 Coconuts for project  R.jpg

And he can pick up the rest as soon as he arranges a bigger truck.  Hooray.


Finally – something cheerful from the vacation files.

2020-02-23 Canadian drinking fountain at Science Museum in Vernon  Cr.jpg

A Canadian drinking fountain.  Well, a drinking fountain from the Science Museum in Vernon, BC.   Glug glug.


May we all manage a happy week.



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