30 January 2020

This week is all news from home – in words and pictures from my dear daughter-in-law.


Bula Vinaka Mom,

So at the farm this week guests have all checked out, there’s been continuous work on the kiddi pool with Rakesh and the soil he’s dug out we’ve been filling beside the main house to make flower gardens.
2020-01-28 kiddie pool start Cr
There was a very tall pawpaw tree that fell across the swimming pool so we now have green pawpaws to make Maki’s salads.
2020-01-29 green pawpaws for salad R
For animals there was set of geese that our neighbors brought back because the family had to move to Suva (Dad sold the geese to them when they were babies).
The Male one has only one eye and a crooked beak because he fought with the dogs….funny.
2020-01-29 boomerang geese R
One toad  (boto) showed up right to where I was (yikes) with a missing arm.
2020-01-28 Monica's boto Cr
I wonder what happened to it.
Mom hope things are well with you.
We miss you all dearly.
Love you,
Could that be ANY sweeter?   Wow.   Made my week.
And now — a happy week to all of you!

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