23 January 2020

News from Home (thank you, Monica)

Bees are at work in the starfruit flowers

More busy bees have been cleaning up the pool compound, inside and out.

And one of them was giving toads “flying lessons”

(Does anyone beside me detect the influence of a new Commander at the farm?)

Still on the “work is worship” theme – somebody noticed the guavas were ripe and it is jam time.

Thank you, Harvesters and Pot-Stirrers.

And, finally,  Monica sent me some photos of Dad’s “coffee” – which isn’t coffee, but is his special tea (turmeric, ginger, and assorted extra spices) that got overboiled.

I’m happy to see that all is going so well.


Meanwhile in Canada ….

The lake was still liquid and it was windy.  The temperature dropped to minus 17 C (minus 24 at night) .  In a few days it froze – the WAVES froze.  I was walking without my camera, but planned to take a picture.  Then it SNOWED – Blast!  I ran out with only a jacket and boots to get the photo of the frozen waves – much less pronounced with snow on top of them … but anyhow, here’s what I got.  First is the shot I got from the road – a long snow bank – it is lake where the dock is.  The second is the close up of the frozen waves, beside the dock.

Since then we got a tropical heat wave, with the temps going all the way back up to Plus 4 Celsius.  The lake surface is largely liquid again.


Happy week, everyone.  🙂


2 thoughts on “23 January 2020

  1. Dear Kim, I have enjoyed all your blogs. I have been working too much, but I thought it was interesting to see the pool that was being built about a year ago. It looks like it needs my pool cleaner. So this must be fruit season there. We are having snow here tonight. Mid winter here. Have a great day. Tell Guy hello.

    • Hi Larry – It is just wonderful hearing from you every now and again. Who would have believed that we would stay in touch at all for so long from just one plane flight! That stupid pool has been being built for more than 5 years now. It really does need “pool cleaner” – I’ll mention the plans some blog soon. I’m in Canada – and it’s winter here, too. Will certainly pass your greetings on to my baby boy. ha ha. Lots of love, Kim

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